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A boombox is an electronic device that can receive radio stations and play music that is recorded. The recorded music are CDs and cassettes. Most of the best boombox models can record onto cassette tapes direct from a radio and other sources. For those who love music, the boombox is a great idea. They come in different models each with their own specifications and this will determine its quality. A boombox is perfect for those days when you want to go on with your daily chores while you can still listen to music in the background.


There are different types of boomboxes in the market. These boomboxes are designed to be portable as they can use batteries as well as direct current. These devices were introduced in the early 1970s as the need for louder and heavier bass peaked. Due to this fact they became bigger and bigger hence bulky. It was widely adopted by the African Americans and the Hispanic youths. It got a nickname of 'ghetto blaster'. The next years saw it being banned from public places like on the streets. The first make was developed in Netherlands and later the Japanese also joined in production. The Japanese designs were the most adopted in many households as they incorporated CD players, in built TV receivers, removable speakers and stereo boomboxes.


The Japanese brands were the Aiwa, Sanyo, Hitachi, JVC, Panasonic, Sharp, Sony and Toshiba. The European brands were the Philips and Grundig. The boomboxes vary in the quality of sound, for instance, the Aiwa Strasser SR8 has a very high sound quality closer to a small HI FI than to a boombox. It has been proven that the most looked for characteristic is the quality of sound. The modern boomboxes has a CD player that that is compatible with CD-R and CD- RW. The new designs also allow iPod and other similar devices to be attached to them through one or more ports. There are other formats that support MP3 and WMA.


The boomboxes have lately been phased out by the Walkman. A Walkman is easily portable as it does not have heavy equipment. They even have a better sound quality. The rise of smartphones and MP3 players have also replaced the use of boomboxes. To comply with the digital era, boomboxes that can now use the Bluetooth technology are being developed. They are known as the stereo Bluetooth or A2DP. Look online to find the best boombox available today.